DIY- Water Bottle Dog Toy

Are you looking to add a little variety to your dog’s toy collection? Are you looking for something to make relatively quickly, without spending a fortune?

Well, look no more! All you need is a plastic water bottle and a sock. A lot of dogs love this water bottle toy, but like all fabric toys, it won’t last forever. Here’s how to make a quick and easy DIY water bottle toy that your dog is sure to love. This toy may seem simple, but it will definitely deliver the fun! It also promotes recycling by repurposing a bottle into a new use.

Thank you so much to the folks at Good Dogs & Co. for this awesome DIY idea!


MaterialsScreen Shot 2016-03-14 at 8.25.45 PM

  • Tube sock or any kind of full length sock (no-ankle or no-shows)
  • Scissors
  • Empty water-bottle (any size or shape)
  • A roll of twine or string of some sort. (But you’ll most likely only need 12″).


sockbottle1. Cut the foot off the sock so you’re left with the top end. If using a regular water bottle, you’ll need about 10 inches of sock to fit, so you’ll want to use a decent sized sock.

2. Insert a water bottle into the sock, and tie the ends closed with twine or string of sorts.  Use whatever knot you you feel most comfortable using. You can cut the excess twine off the ends. If you don’t want to use string or twine to tie it, and you have enough excess sock, you can just tie the ends with the sock part itself. Then, give your dog his new toy and let the fun begin!

Tips & Modifications from Good Dogs & Co.

1. If you make this toy out of a fuzzy sock like the one shown, prepare to have fuzzies everywhere. Or, you can hem the ends so that your toy will have the added benefit of lasting longer!diydogsock1

2. For smaller dogs, you can use a smaller water bottle, and make multiple inserts out of one sock.

3.If you don’t want to throw away that scrap piece, you can also use a smaller water bottle inside the foot of your sock, and just tie off the cut end.


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