Featured Story: Summer Travel Tips!


With August upon us it’s time for those final summer trips to happen. When packing up the families, including the 4 legged ones, a little research can go a long way!
Here’s a few tips on how to travel with your best friend…. not using an IKEA bag!

By Car

Those with cars obviously can follow their own rules, but it’s always a good idea to think about things that could make the trip easier! There are lots of great backseat hammocks that can keep your dog somewhat contained, and save those seats from the vast amount of things that could happen to them while pup is back there! Pawslife has a great option at Bed Bath and Beyond at $30 for a great basic that doesn’t break the bank. Another great idea is pet seat belts! There are variations between zipline styles that run across the roof of the car, which grant a little more movement, or simpler leash styles that clip into the cars seat belt.

If purchasing your car ride however, whether it be Taxi, Uber, Lyft or others it is usually at the driver’s discretion. (Service animals excluded of course) Be sure to inform the drivers after setting the appointment to avoid any disappointing reactions, and a nice tip is greatly appreciated. Rental cars usually do allow dogs but may charge extra cleaning fees, always check the specific company’s rules on this to be safe though. Service dogs are an exception however. For Interstate us travel, check with the company policies as many will vary.

By Train

On the MTA as made famous by the photos (just like the one above), dogs are allowed on the train as long as they are in a bag or container. On the New Jersey Transit/Path and LIRR dogs need to be in carriers or crates. LIRR also notes this as “small domestic pets” though some have seen larger dogs get by, so we can’t guarantee. Metro North recommends crates or carriers, but properly harnessed, leashed, and good behavior is allowed on their trains. AmTrak allows cats and dogs up to 20 pounds and a maximum of a 7 hour trip, some restrictions apply and check that your route is in fact a pet friendly one.

By Plane

For the most part air travel means in cargo, but check with your individual airline just in case! A number of airlines now offer to allow your pet in the cabin but the fee can vary from $75-$125 depending and many do have a 20 pound limit. United, American, and Delta all offer this option. For air travel as well make sure to have updated health documents and vaccination records, not having that will easily leave you grounded.



Keep in mind for your travels that for any longer rides a trip to the vet is always recommended, try to keep a blanket or toy around for some comfort as well, and have fun out there!


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