Ask Us Anything: Why does my dog roll around in the grass?

In the summer, grassy lawns and fields can be a dog’s best friend! But why do they sometimes roll around in it? Well, there can be a few reasons.

Dogs behavior is often driven by scent, so it may be no surprise that when they find a new smell, they’ll roll around right on top of it! Wolves do this to mask their own scent in order to better stalk prey. Dogs may not need to hunt like they used to, but old habits die hard! Rolling around may also be a way to get rid of a smell they don’t like, such as shampoo right after a bath.

Sometimes, it’s just about getting comfy! A nice, grassy lawn is soft and the blades of grass can act like a comb. If they’ve got some itchy debris in their coat, the grass can help get it out! Some breeds also shed their fur in clumps, so a nice grassy comb definitely works as a shedding tool. And besides, a cool soft lawn may be the perfect spot to relax in the summer sun!

Rolling can be a sign of skin irritation though. If your dog doesn’t appear relaxed when they’re rolling around, and it’s more on the frantic-itchy side, you may want to consult your vet about any possible dermatological issues.

It’s especially important in New York City to be aware of lawns that have been treated with pesticides. And though we don’t have many ticks around these parts, it’s still a good idea to stay on top of flea and tick preventative; they love the grass, maybe more than your dog. And definitely look out for freshly mowed grass, that can lead directly to bath time!


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