Featured Story: Summer Boating Tips

Summer is finally here and we are all excited. Time for outdoor fun. Many love to take their dogs on Summer adventures, boating being one of them. Here are some boating health and safety tips for your dog.

Visit the boat with your pet before your trip.
Have them walk on the dock, walk around on the boat and get used to the feeling. Also, consider a boarding ramp if your dog is too big to carry on board. The Skamper Ramp has ladders for boats and ramps for pools. Pretty cool!

Think about hydration.
Make sure to have a bowl for fresh water while on board. Collapsible ones are fantastic for travel.

Invest in a life jacket.
You might think you dog is a great swimmer, but conditions and weather could be factors. Plus, life jackets have handles so you can pull your dog out of the water if necessary.
Here’s some reviews of top brands.

Make sure you have a First Aid kit.
Make sure you have a stocked pet first-aid kit aboard like the one from RC Pet Products Ltd. (rcpets.com, $35). The Humane Society of the United States ­recommends pet-specific supplies and useful items to include in a boating dog’s first-aid kit. Dogs can take Dramamine and other remedies for seasickness. Check with your vet.

Think about sunburn protection.
Sunscreen should be applied on the dog’s belly and inside the hind legs, at least. Pet sunscreens like Doggles (doggles.com, $16.99), Nutri-Vet (nutrivet.com, $7.99) and Vet’s Best sun relief spray (petnation.org, $9.99) are free of zinc oxide, which can be harmful if pets lick it. Spray-on varieties are easy to apply.

Keep your dogs first outing short.
It is a good idea to see how well your pet will adjust to the boats movements.



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