Dog(s) of the Month: Piper & Riley!

June’s Dog of the Month goes to Piper and Riley!

Piper and Riley are two amazing sisters, and they’re both Mini Labradoodles!
Riley (black) is the older sibling at 6 years old, and Piper (blonde) is 3.


They’re quite the duo and complement each other perfectly.
Riley is mature, calm and patient, while Piper is the young wild child!
While Piper is doing an entire gymnastics routine to greet you at the door, you’ll find Riley happily wagging her tail patiently waiting to go outside.

Riley is the typical older sister and watches over Piper. It is so sweet to see.
Piper is all about rolling in the snow or an awesome game of fetch at the dog park!
Riley watches the fun and then will jump in to play fetch with her sister.


It’s easy to see they both love their family.
They are wonderful big sisters to their adorable little brother (with one more on the way). You will often see them in the neighborhood right next to the stroller.
They are sweet, fun, loving and loyal!



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