Dog of the Month: BENNY!

When we first met Benny, he was just 8 weeks old, and we fell in LOVE! 

That face! Those puppy eyes! He is the cutest!

We spent the first few weeks indoors with Benny, running, playing, fetching, teaching, and of course snuggling!


Benny is so much fun, so sweet, and a great all around dog!
He loves playing ball at the park and getting all the other dogs to chase him! He brings the PARTY!

Baylee is Benny’s best friend, just spend one afternoon with this hilarious duo and you’ll see why!

Benny loves to pose for photos and he even has his very own Instagram page!

It has been a pleasure to care for Benny and to watch him learn and grow into the dog he is today. Benny is a 1 1/2 year old Mini-Golden Doodle bug of love.

He is not only our BBB Dog Of The Month, he is now a wonderful big brother!



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