Featured Article: Ready for April?

Spring is finally here! But are you and your dog ready for April? There’s a lot to prepare for, so here’s a handy guide!

April Showers

We know how much it can rain in April – we’ve already seen a fair share of it in March! Some dogs love it, others not so much. And toweling off a soaked dog can be a real chore too! If your pet is cool with clothes, you could consider a nice lightweight raincoat for them! Big stores like Petco have them of course, but you may be able to find more unique options at smaller neighborhood boutiques, which NYC has plenty of. In Tribeca, we have our very own Bark Baby Bark shop, Dudley’s Paw, and Pamper Ur Pets. If you bring your dog along,  I’m sure they’ll help you with size and fit, too. Stay dry, and have fun being fashionable too!


Our Lights, Camera, Bark! video this month includes a great story about dogs and Passover, definitely check it out! And if you don’t eat leavened bread over the holiday, it’s possible that your dog is already observing with you. Grain-free or wheat-free dog food shouldn’t contain any yeast, so you’re covered there. Unsalted matzah is also an easy dog treat of course. Happy Pesach!


Everyone loves Easter candy, but it might not all be great for Fido! Us dog owners talk a lot about toxic foods, but it’s a good time to remind ourselves, especially when dogs can find chocolate treats leftover from an egg hunt. The Pet Poison Helpline says it receives 200% more calls about chocolate around Easter time, so it still pays to be extra cautious! The Helpline also mentions a couple non-food items that often cause problems. Easter lilies are very toxic to dogs, and Easter “grass” can cause GI troubles. Spring is a beautiful time of year, but keep an eye out! Your pup will appreciate it.


Tax season is upon us, so you know that means – adding up all those donations made to dog charities! Whether you’ve​ signed up on the sidewalk for ASPCA subscriptions or you’ve given blankets and food to an animal shelter, make sure to track it. Sometimes being an animal lover can be the fiscally responsible thing to do!

Earth Day

Earth Day is a great time to look through your pet care belongings and see what could be improved. Do you recycle dog food cans? Are your waste bags biodegradable? Do your cleaning supplies needed to be disposed of on NYC’s toxic waste days? Spring cleaning is a great time to organize and be greener!


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