Dog of the Month: OLLIE!

BBB’s Dog of The Month goes to
the one and only, OLLIE


Ollie is a two and half year old Havanese with the sweetest personality and a face we look forward to seeing everyday! We have had the pleasure of caring for Ollie since he was a young puppy and we have watched him grow into the adorable doggie that he is today!

He loves to play with all his toys (especially his Lamb Chop doll!) and he’s one of the most stylish pups in New York City as he has a superb collection of outerwear!

Everyone (dogs included) love spending time with Ollie because he is so happy and easy going,  and will always brighten your mood.

We like to call him our little “dog-model” as he is very comfortable in front of the camera and always manages to strike the cutest poses!

Just take a look at his Instagram!

Ollie, always enjoys walking around BPC with his pals and seeing fellow New Yorkers out and about.

Although this cutie likes hanging outside with his friends, he really gets excited when you play fetch or tug-of-war with all his toys! Check out this throw-back video from his puppy days with Bark Baby Bark!

There are plenty of reasons why we’re proud to give Ollie the honor of Dog of the Month, but most importantly we are just grateful to have him as part of our BBB family.

We love you, Ollie! 


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