Ask Us Anything: Can my pet use medical marijuana?

My dog has really bad allergies and nothing is working. Can I use medical marijuana to treat this? 

Thanks for your question! According to California based Veterinarian,  Dr. Gary Richter, cannabis (aka marijuana) can be used to successfully treat a variety of medical conditions including:

+ Arthritis
+ Seizures
+ Cancer treatment
+ Cancer pain
+ Allergies/ itching
+ Anxiety
+ Appetite support
+ Quality of life / Hospice care
+ Glaucoma

Richter states that he has also “seen a cannabis topical spray clear up severe skin allergies in dogs, to the point where they stop scratching for 4 to 6 hours. Short of loading them up on a steroid like prednisone, nothing does that. This topical is nothing short of amazing,”

There are many options when administering medical cannabis to your pet-  capsules, treats, tinctures, and topicals are most common.

Each pet is different, so doses and treatment plans are something that should be carefully discussed with your Vetrinarian before trying anything on your own.

As with many types of medicine, we still have a lot to learn.  If you’re considering medical cannabis for your pet, be sure to check out local laws first. Here is a local website for NY state

Best of luck with those pesky allergies!




Source: Dr. Gary Richter is the owner and medical director of two award-winning veterinary hospitals in Oakland, California. You can learn more about his facilities here:
Montclair Veterinary Hospital
Holistic Veterinary Care


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