Dog of the Month: DAISY!

BBB is pleased to announce the February Dog of the Month, Daisy!!!


Daisy is a (3) year old French Bulldog, and has been endearingly dubbed Miss Personality!
She always let’s you know exactly what her opinion is and we love her for it!

daisy1     daisy10

daisy7    daisy9

She greets us at the door and is ready for some love!
She loves leading the charge on our walks together, especially if it means stomping around in the local park.
There’s always squirrels and birds to give side eye to and boss around!
That serious face always turns into a smile!

daisy4     daisy6

daisychair     daisypizza

She doesn’t always admit this right away, but she loves spending time with her besties, especially Hudson!
He’s got a ton of playful energy and she enjoys keeping up with him, or at least trying to!


daisyhudson5     daisyhudson2

daisyhudson1     daisyhudson4

Let’s not forget to mention her adventures with Winnie too!


And she’s getting closer with her neighbors, Pookie and Charlie.


We have been caring for Daisy since she was just a wee nugget, and we love her dearly.
Seeing her twice a day is such a treat and brightens our day.



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