Barkworthy Event: The Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

New York City is full of traditions and one of the more unique ones is the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. The first event was held in 1877! It continues to gain popularity and is considered “America’s Dog Show.”

poodleGet those blow dryers, brushes, hair ties and clippers out.
It is all about the perfect features, the perfect coat and the perfect groom.

There are 202 dog breeds eligible to compete,
including three new breeds; the Sloughi, the Pumi, and the American Hairless Terrier.

Many New Yorkers probably don’t even know this historic show takes place right here in Manhattan.
These events are split up into three days and primarily held at Pier 92/94.
The “Best In Show”  session is held at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday, February 14th.
This is an affordable and wonderful New York attraction one must simply experience when living in the big city!

Click here for more information on the events!


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