Barkworthy Event: Team ASPCA New York Half Marathon – Run or Donate


As we talked about in our Featured Story this month, it is the time of year we make resolutions. The most common ones are related to our health; eat better, workout or live a healthier lifestyle. The holidays get the best of us and we often use January as a reset button. One way to make sure you achieve those goals is to sign up for a race.

The iconic New York City Half Marathon is on March 19, 2017. The scenic route takes runners through most of Manhattan including Central Park, Times Square and Southstreet Seaport. Best part, no traffic! While the race is sold out you can still join Team ASPCA and make a difference for animals in need while you are taking better care of yourself. The deadline to join the team is January 9th. For more info click here.

If running is not your thing and you want to donate, there are options for that as well. The Bark Baby Bark Director of Operations, Shannon Sardella is running the race and raising money and awareness for the ASPCA. To visit her fundraising page click here!

Happy New Year!


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