Dog of the Month: TOTTI!

December’s Dog of the Month is…



No, we don’t mean the famous Italian footballer! Our Totti is a handsome Goldendoodle who just turned four years old! He has the best doggy smile that can be seen at any hour of the day!

tottibronx      tottiwinstonriver

tottikona     tottiriverbronxcharlie

tottibronxwinston     tottiroxy

From the first time we met him, we knew we’d be friends forever! The fact that he was one of the cutest puppies in the world was the icing on the cake!


tottipuppy3     tottipuppy2

His favorite activity is speeding up and down the pavement in the dog run (and playing in water- any type of water!) Totti moves so fast that it can be difficult to capture on camera! His zany energy always livens up the buddies he’s playing with, and the whole neighborhood for that matter! Totti brings the FUN!

tottijump     tottibronx2

tottiriver2     tottikonapool

Totti is also a humble pup, even though he’s actually famous
and has a side gig as a dog actor!
No big deal…….


We love Totti because he is a great dog with a huge personality! He’s smart, loving, ADORABLE, and the best cuddle buddy to his little human sister!

Cheers, Totti! It’s always exciting spending time with you!




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