Dear Murphy: I wanna go somewhere!

826db516916a1b92fdc1d14299e9414fDear Murphy,

My humans are crazed and racing around to get ready for the holiday season. They are buying gifts, decorating the house, and planning fun winter travel!
But I have nothing to do and no where to go! A friend of mine said that he knows of a magical place up north that hires dogs for the holiday season! Have you heard of this place? I think it’s an urban legend.


Dear Non-Believer,

You are in for a big surprise my friend! The magical place up north DOES exist, and they DO hire dogs!  It would be the perfect spot for you to go during the holiday season. You will have a blast, and I hear the boss is very jolly. Here is a sneak peak of “the office location” below. You should send them your resume. Good Luck!

Bark Bark,


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