Dog of the Month: WINSTON!

Announcing our November Dog of the Month…



The FACE that launched 1,000 awwwww’s! Winston is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and he’s one of the cutest and sweetest dogs ever! We love how incredibly loyal, playful, and gentle he is, and his tail never stops wagging!


Winston is one and a half years old, just on the brink of adulthood, but he still knows how to use that young puppy energy to have a good time! He loves hanging out with all of his best buds and has a lovely temperament. Winston is also a fetch master and toy lover, we love playing with him!

winstonriver     winstonbronx

winstoncooper      winstonhudson

winstonlucca     winstonmontauksonny

winstonroxy     winstonpippa

Winston can be very zen too! His favorite thing to do is visit the duck pond. He could probably hang out and watch those ducks swim all day! And it’s even better if he can bring a buddy along.

winstonbronxducks     winstonducksabove

So, hats off to Winston, aka “Winnie!” We are so lucky to hang with this adorable pup each day.  

Congratulations Winston!



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