Treat Tasting: Frozen Pumpkin Dog Pops

Are you looking for a fun easy treat to make for your dog this Halloween season? We all know dogs can’t have our people candy, but this recipe is yummy and healthy for our dogs and sure to be a hit!


Thanks to My Pawsitively Pets for this great holiday treat!

Ingredients and Supplies

Pumpkin is everywhere you look this time of year and it’s safe for dogs to eat. This dog treat recipe includes pumpkin, Milk-Bone®, and Pup-Peroni®. Here’s what you’ll need to make your Frozen Pumpkin Dog Treats:

  • ingredients-dog-treatsCanned pumpkin (make sure to buy a can that ONLY has pumpkin listed as an ingredient)
  • Milk-Bones®
  • Pup-Peroni®
  • Yarn (or other decorations like ribbon, stickers, etc)
  • Small plastic cups

Step 1: Decorate the cups you use to fill. Using orange yarn or decorative ribbon would do the trick

Step 2: Fill the cups with the desired amount of pumpkin. Fill half way or less for smaller dogs and 3/4 the way for bigger dogs

Step 3: Insert Milk-Bone® or Pup-Peroni® into the middle of the cup with pumpkin to serve as the popsicle stick.

Step 4: Place in freezer and patiently wait.

Step 5: ENJOY!




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