Dear Murphy: Can I doggie paddle through Hurricane Matthew?

hurricaneDear Murphy,

While my family doesn’t live in the southern part of the United States, all the media coverage about
Hurricane Matthew is very concerning! The media reports always feature humans in distress, but what about animals! What should we do to prepare for the storm!?

Doggie Paddle


raindogsDear Doggie Paddle,

First things first, stock up on essentials such as bacon and other delicious treats, that is HIGH priority. Once that is taken care of, you can focus on other things.

1) Make sure your human places a sticker on their front door that states an “Animal lives here and needs to be rescued.” Just in case you get separated!

2) Tell your human to make animal friendly shelter or hotel arrangements. That way they have a place to go when an evacuation order has been issued.

3) They should have a photo of you on hand during the storm so they can easily show rescue workers what you look like, incase you are separated.

4) All of your supplies, toys, food and medication should be taken along so you can stay happy, healthy and fed during this tough time.

5) Hopefully you charged your doggie phone so you can post hurricane selfies to the Bark Baby Bark social media pages!

Good luck, be safe, and hopefully you don’t need to do the doggie paddle!

Bark Bark,


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