Barkworthy: A Rescue, A Vet & Homemade Food for your Pet!

Meet the “Barkworthy” Sponsors of the Annual Bark Baby Bark
Howl-O-Ween Bash!

Zani’s Furry Friends ZFF, inc is an organization committed to rescuing companion animals from New York City’s shelters where, unfortunately, they are at significant risk for euthanasia due to overcrowding. They rescue kittens and puppies as well as adult and seniors who deserve another chance for a loving home. They do not have a shelter or boarding facility, but instead rely upon foster homes to shelter and nurture our furry friends until a loving forever home is found. Their foster network is located throughout NYC. The beauty of a foster system is that they know their animals individually and can give you a true picture of their personalities and ensure they make a good match for your family. Zani’s is a Mayor’s Alliance Participating Organization.

screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-9-20-12-amLocated in New York City on Worth Street between Church and Broadway, Worth Street Vet is committed to providing excellent care. They are different, they value the small details, and their facility is amazing. Their Hospital was designed by a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified architectural firm to be highly energy efficient. Every area of the clinic has the capacity to regulate temperature and ventilation, and all of our building materials are either very sustainable, Earth friendly and/or recyclable.
A trip to the vet can be a stressful time for your pet, but Worth Street has designed their clinic to minimize stressors as much as possible. The waiting room is divided into feline and canine sides, and there are dedicated feline and canine rooms. They offer pick up and drop off services, and if you cannot be there, they will Skype you in during the appointment. Keeping pace with emerging technologies, Worth Street Vet uses on-site digital radiography to create quick and accurate images that minimize radiation exposure and the use of any chemicals. These images can be easily distributed to radiology specialists if a more precise diagnosis is needed. They also offer dental, surgical and emergency services on site. A truly remarkable hospital.


PetPlate believes you shouldn’t feed your pet something you wouldn’t eat yourself. Their philosophy is to only use human grade ingredients, no different than if you cooked for your pet right at home. They cook meals in small batches at a local commercial kitchen, Brooklyn FoodWorks. All of your pet’s meals are not only fresh and human grade, but are held to the same standards as your favorite NYC based food brands. All delivered to your door within 24 hours!

Join us on October 24th at the Andaz Wall Street to

CLICK HERE for more information and to RSVP to the event.


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