Coming up on Sunday, September 18th, there are two different dog events happening, one local, and one just a short train ride away!


First up, Adoptapalooza in Union Square’s north plaza! It’s open from noon until 5pm, and is much more than just an adoption event, so don’t fret if you’re not looking to add a new family member just yet! There will be plenty of family events, such as face painting, temporary tattoos, training tips from certified trainers, and free pet photos! There will also be discount microchipping available, NYC dog licenses for sale, and free pet ID tags. There are also a wide variety of pet product vendors that will be providing samples, such as Blue Buffalo, Nature’s Recipe, and Petco. A collection drive is also taking place for shelter goods such as clean towels and toys, so make sure to bring along something to donate!





The second event is Adopt-A-Dog’s 29th Puttin’ on the Dog event, up in Greenwich, CT at Roger Shermin Baldwin Park! It’s about an hour’s train ride from Grand Central (via the local train to Stamford), and within walking distance from the Greenwich train station. A little bit further away obviously, but possibly a good idea for anyone heading up in that direction that weekend! Adult tickets are $15, seniors are $5, kids under 12 are free, and kids 13-18 are included in the $25 family package (2 adults, 1-4 children). The proceeds are going towards Adopt-A-Dog, a local rescue organization. There will be music and entertainment, competitions for both dogs and their owners (costume contests and more!), training classes, and lots of vendors to browse here as well.

Both events of course offer adoptable dogs and cats (and even rabbits at Adoptapalooza)! So if you are looking for that new family member, or know someone who is looking, definitely check one of them out! Either way, it’ll be a blast for you, your dog, and the whole family!




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