Featured Story: 2 Years Later, Americans Still Adopting Dogs from the Sochi Olympics. By: Shannon


In 2014 the Winter Olympics were in Sochi, Russia. One prominent story at the time was about the stray dogs of Sochi. The Olympic city had thousands roaming the city and were accused of hiring a pest control company to exterminate them by the hundreds before the games started.

dogs-bigAlong came Vlada Provotorova, a Dentist and avid dog lover who felt like she had to do something. She got a group of friends together and they gathered as many stray dogs as they could. They tried to to save them by bringing the dogs to various shelters (and any other place that could/would temporarily hold them.) It was truly amazing.

It has been (2) years, the Olympic torch has faded in Sochi, and while we are looking forward to the Summer games in Brazil this month…we still need to look back to Sochi, Vlada and all her efforts.

She is still working hard to save the dogs of Sochi. She takes them in, cleans them, feeds them, and most importantly, she finds these dogs homes. The best part about all the media attention was that Vlada was able to set up an international adoption pipeline to send the dogs to America and beyond! She also has a beautiful new shelter and uses it as a hub to adopt and educate people.

If you are interested in more information how you can adopt a Sochi Dog – Click Here
If you want more information on how to help the Sochi Dog Organization – Click Here


Bonus story: Some American athletes adopted dogs while in Sochi and brought them home! They are now happily living in the USA! Here is an article catching up with those athletes a few months after the Sochi games. Too cute! 

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