Dear Murphy: WATER WATER WATER! By: Lauren


Dear Murphy,

I love love love water…but I live in a city, and I can’t easily access oceans, lakes, or rivers. Summer is definitely here and I was curious if you had any fun tips on how I could play with my favorite thing (water) and still stay close to home?

H2O Puppy




Dear H2O Puppy,

YES! I am so glad you wrote to me about this. I have some great ideas for you and all our water-loving fur-friends out there. With the hot summer months ahead, staying cool is important. I live in a city too, and I have used the below products to not only have fun, but to beat the summer heat! I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.


21QcGyj1iWL1)  This “Hydro-Ball” a lot of fun and is designed to release water as it’s squeezed!





hose attachment2) This is called the “Outward Hound Doggie Drencher!” And that’s exactly what it does! I love attaching this to a garden hose at my local dog park and then letting-er-rip! It provides a fun stationary sprinkler for all my dog pals to run through and stay cool!



Waterbone(large) 3) Another great sprinkler option! The “Water Bone!” Made of non-toxic, durable plastic too. I love picking this up and carrying it around the park. Catch me if you can!



Pool4) Last but not least- a portable pool! This is my favorite. Just tell your human to throw it in their backpack and go! It’s easy to use and has a convenient drain function.




I hope you enjoy the above recommendations and that you have a great summer playing with water!
Bark Bark,


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