Baylee is July’s Dog of The Month!

Congratulations Baylee!

Baylee 3

Bay or Bay-Bay, as the Bark Baby Bark team affectionately calls her, is our Dog of the Month for July! It is no secret that Baylee is a great and loving dog and this little Frenchie girl will be (3) years old in September!

Baylee Burberry

Baylee enjoys modeling her Burberry coat in the winter. She is the most fashion forward girl in Battery Park City and she struts her stuff on the North End dog runway. 








Baylee 1

Bay is also into fitness, and is a pretty fast runner for a girl with little legs! She can keep up with the rest of the BBB crew at the park because she knows how to play ball. When playtime is over, Baylee gives back her toys nicely and is an excellent listener! Oh and Did we mention that Baylee rolls around the hallway for belly rubs when she is headed out for a walk? She gets the BBB team every time! What a sweetie!


Baylee 5

Baylee is also our go-to girl when a new puppy joins the BBB team. She shows the new pup the ropes and welcomes them into the park with open paws. She happily and proudly walks the streets of BPC with the ability to make everyone who sees her, smile.



Oh, and Baylee is a great girlfriend to Lucca. They are still going strong after starring in our recent “Bachelor” video 🙂



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