June’s Dog of the Month: Winnie!


Winnie is the perfect fit for June’s Dog of The Month! She is a Lab mix who was rescued from Puerto Rico this winter. We fell in love with her as soon as she touched down in NYC at a tender 6 months old. Here are a few reasons why Winnie is our Dog of The Month!

Winnie was a shy puppy at first, she didn’t want to come out of her crate,  and she was very fearful of the loud city streets. However, with time and love, her family and the BBB team helped her blossom into a walking pro! Winnie leads the way on her walks now, and she puts Google Maps to shame by knowing the shortcuts to all the dog parks!


Winnie is Miss Popular at the dog park. She attracts every dog with her friendly, sociable, and genuine temperament. Every dog wants to be around Winnie. She is a true party starter!
The best part about having Winnie at the dog park is watching her give her “signature greeting”…which is to kiss all the dogs she likes in the sweetest way.


Did we mention how good looking Winnie is?


Winnie is fit, agile and can jump over any dog, big or small in the game of chase. Here she is in action, at Washington Square Park, home to one of her favorite dog runs!


Congratulations, Winnie! We look forward to shaking your paw in honor of your achievements!


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