Treat Tasting: Barkarita’s

Cinco De Mayo

People in the US spend $2.9 billion on Margaritas annually, 14% of the country’s cocktail sales.  The most margaritas are sold on Cino de Mayo.  Unfortunately, Mexican food and of course, margaritas, can be harmful for your pup. So what’s a dog to do? Well, at your Cinco de Mayo party, your dogs can now party the right way with a refreshing “Barkarita” made from chicken broth! Here’s how to make them:

1 box of chicken broth, frozen
1 box of chicken broth, room temperature


1. The night before the party, pour one box of chicken broth into ice cube trays. Freeze.

2. On the day of the party, pour 1/2 cup of room temperature chicken broth into the bottom of the blender. Add the chicken broth ice cubes on top. Blend, adding more room temperature broth if the consistency looks more like a snow-cone than a slushy.

3. Pour into cups, garnish with a little zucchini, and serve.

So now that your menu is sorted, throw some streamers around your yard, tie up a couple piñatas to the nearest tree, and have a Feliz Cinco de Mayo, surrounded by the people and pooches who love you the most. And tacos, of course. Lots and lots of tacos!

To read more about this recipe and other festive Cinco De Mayo Pup Party Treats please view:


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