Dear Murphy: How do I celebrate earth day?

Earth DayDear Murphy,

All my human keeps talking about is Earth Day! I don’t know what that means? Why isn’t everyday a celebration of the earth? Anyho0, it seems like my human has a lot to contribute for this cause…but my fur-friends and I feel kind of useless. What can we do, as dogs, to help the environment and get in on the Earth Day party?

We want to help too!



Dog helps humans with tree planting! *Bark Post

Dear We want to help too,

I am sooooooo glad you reached out to me! For starters- you are an amazing asset to our earth! Maybe you just need someone to point it out to you. Here are (14) ways that dogs help the environment. Griffen Shaffer (the human writer) wrote this brilliant article and I just love it! It’s is hilarious and informative! I know you’ll feel better after reading this. Enjoy!

(14) ways that dogs help the environment

                                                                                                                                                                            Bark Bark!

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