Dog of The Month: COOPER!

Congratulations Cooper! You are our Dog of the Month!

puppy cooper

There is so much we can say about Cooper.  He has been with the Bark Baby Bark family since he was a wee pup, see pic above.  Too cute, right?  He is still just as cute, and just as sweet and lovable.  We have been so lucky to watch him learn and grow into the gentleman he is today.

As soon as we walk in the door, Cooper puts a smile on our face!  That wagging tail, the kisses and the cute stretching he does right before his big walk are nothing short of adorable.  We all love him so much!

Cooper is …

  • So loving! He is one of those dogs that knows what kind of mood you are in and stops at nothing to make you the happy.
  • Such a handsome Cavalier, not only does he have good looks (ladies), but he also has the personality to match!
  • The three Cooper C’s… Calm, Cool and Collected no matter who he is with or where he is.
  • One of the friendliest dogs, he is gentle and kind to all dogs and humans alike.
  • A snuggle muffin, he is likely to be found snuggled up on the couch when you pick him up (just waiting for you to join). Once he sees your face however, it is off the couch and time for play!
  • The best big brother there is!

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