Barkworthy: Muttmover Backpack

Living in New York City, or any city for that matter, requires transportation with your dog.  This could mean on a train, bus, taxi, or by foot. Often times transportation authorities will require your dog to ride along in a pet travel bag, adding to what you are already carrying! No worries, we have found a great solve for you in this months Barkworthy article. See below!



The Muttmover Backpack by Timbuck2 is awesome and it even has extra storage! The backpack is ideal for dogs and puppies 20lbs or less.  There are multiple external pockets for your iPad, book, wallet, keys and your pet’s snacks, leash, water bottle, etc.  Take a look at the features below.

Timbuk2 has thought of everything to make it easy to take your dog along
on all your adventures around the city.  Order online here!

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