Get Out of Town: Keep your dog safe in the car.

Spring is around the corner, with better weather comes better places to travel. Most of us like to bring our pets with us when we go away.  A road trip is a great idea for traveling because it allows you and your furry friend to see many different sites and be in control of your own destination! We stay protected in our cars by wearing seat belts, but have you thought, “what about my dog?”  Whether it’s a one hour drive or a long 12 hour drive, staying safe in your car is just as important to your dog as it is for you. In this months Get Out Of Town article, we will show you ways to get out of town while keeping your dog safe!

dog safety

Here are a few car safety products you can check out:



The Variocage is a pet travel cage that is fitted into the cargo area of an SUV. It is a German engineered product of steel construction and it has been extensively tested to meet or exceed European crash test standards. Unlike similar cages for the SUV, the Variocage has been crash tested for multiple auto accident scenarios.





The Sleepypod pet car seat is for smaller dogs. The seat is secured using the seat belt of the car, which is more than strong enough to secure a small pet. The Sleepypod is made of soft but highly durable material that absorbs your pet’s inertia in a crash without breaking. The absorption of the material means your small dog won’t hurt himself the way he would if he hit the wall of a plastic carrier.






The ClickIt Utility and ClickIt Sport dog car harnesses are fairly new pet travel products. According to the Center For Pet Safety, they provide ultimate crash test safety by keeping your dog in his seat during a crash. Side-to-side motion is restricted and your dog will not launch off the seat.




So buckle up! And cheers to safe spring traveling for you and your pet.


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