Dog of The Month: LUCY!

Lucy captures the hearts of everyone that crosses her path. With her million dollar smile, happy go lucky attitude and killer spins and dance moves, this is why she is our Dog of the Month. February also happens to be a perfect month for Lucy to win this award because we think she is America’s Sweetheart!

Congratulations Lucy!


Lucy brightens up your day the second you set eyes on her. We are so lucky to spend time with her and we absolutely adore her. Here are just a few reasons why Lucy is so amazing and such perfection!

Lucy is …

  • Sunshine on a cloudy day, one glance at her and she dispels the clouds.
  • Beautiful from the inside out, with her amazing golden hair to her heart of gold spirit, she is the definition of true beauty.
  • The best greeter! From her 360 spins, to her award winning tap dancing… who wouldn’t want to open the door to Lucy!?
  • Amazing at flashing you her pearly whites. She has the best smile!
  • The biggest animal lover out there! Doesn’t forget to say hello to any dogs that pass by.
  • Picture Perfect! Watch out Miss America… Lucy is just as adorable in photos as she is in person.
  • The only medicine you will ever need! No matter what type of day you are having, once you are with Lucy, you know everything is going to be just fine.



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