Barkworthy: How Dogs Say “I Love You”

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is in the air! Humans say “I Love You” to each other, and exchange signs of affection such as hugs and kisses, in order to communicate their feelings. Believe it or not, dogs also show signs of affection towards each other in many ways too.


Fido and Marco with tails of love

 The most common sign of affection that dogs use with each other is wagging their tail, but did you know only a tail wag that leans toward the right is positive? Fido can be picky with who he shows love to, much like humans.

Dogs also like to talk, and they will communicate verbally with a bark. The pitch and volume of their bark is indictive of heightening emotions. Think about all the times when Fido acts super excited and barks at you when you come home. He is trying to say,  “I missed you, Mom!”

Here are some other examples of how dogs show love and affection to one another.


River giving Oliver lots of kisses!

Fido may also use dog kisses to communicate. For example, when Fido is out for a neighborhood stroll and he sees his buddy, Marco, he may walk over with his head down and lick Marco’s face. Fido is familiar with Marco’s scent and is excited to see him.

Wonder Wheatens Quinn and River love to "dance"!

Wonder Wheatens Quinn and River love to “dance”!

When Fido sees Charlie at the park and they get up on their hind legs to “dance,” this is another sign of love, according to They put their paws up, hold each other and appear as though they are dancing with each other. In their canine minds, this is love! Here are two of our “Wonder Wheatens,” River and Quinn showing off their dancing skills at the North End Avenue dog park in Battery Park City. This is one of the many great dog parks in NYC where you can begin testing Fido’s skills of love.

Now that you know how Fido communicates his love for other dogs, why not reciprocate your human love for him, with a few kisses 🙂


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