Tricked Out: How to Boot Train Your Dog

As discussed in this month’s featured article, properly protecting your pup during the winter is important for their safety and health. Paw protection is especially vital once the snow starts falling and the streets are paved with salt. Though there are some stylish and comfortable options available,  many dogs can still be resistant to the application of booties, at first, and sometimes a little preparation training is needed. Below are some tips on how to ease your dog into being better with booties:

  • As part of a grooming or training session, slip a boot onto one your dogs feet. Don’t fasten the boot right away, just slip it on gently, reward them with a treat and praise, then slip it right back off again and go on with your other activities.
  • Put your dog in a standing position or have someone hold your dog’s collar, ensuring that he or she will keep still. You don’t want your pooch to get injured while walking around with a loose
  • Repeat with a different foot, each time, over the next few days, then, try two feet.  You want to work up to the point where your dog is happy to get his feet handled and get a boot on, because he knows he’ll be getting a treat and praise.

Have fun getting your boots on!


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