Dog of the month: BRONX!

Not only is Bronx the best Darth Vader we’ve ever seen, but he’s also our DOG OF THE MONTH! 

Congratulations Bronxy!


Bronx is an amazing dog and we love spending time with him! It’s hard to narrow down his fun personality and amazingly handsome looks into just one page, but here goes!

Bronx is…

+ Very handsome with luscious locks of dark black hair.

+ He is an awesome jogging partner and we love exercising with him.

+ A great fetch master and flies though the air to catch a ball.

+ We love when his cute short tail wags.

+ He is especially cute when he rolls over for belly rubs.

+ He keeps himself together! He always has a great haircut!

+ Bronx isn’t just handsome and athletic, he’s smart and energetic.

+ He is also very sensitive and a great puppy protector! Bronx acts as a big brother and is very protective if a puppy seems scared of another dog. It’s very sweet.

+ He is loving, fun, and have we said he’s handsome? 🙂

Thank you for letting us spend each day with you, Bronx!
Cheers to 2016 and to many more adventures together!

The Bark Baby Bark Team


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