DIY: Paw Drying Towel Mitten

DIYpawmitteninactionUh-oh! It’s that time of year again when the winter elements strike our pooches’ paws and you will need a way to wipe them off. Well fear not, as we have the DIY tool to save your floors and furniture!
Rather than leaving that over-sized towel by the door, you can now make a fun and easy hanging mitten that is fully customized to the size of your dog (and to the decor of your house). You can choose any color you like for the mitten fabric and the ribbon. The mitten hangs conveniently on your door so it’s easily reachable when you come in from your walks.

Thanks to for sharing this idea!


  • A small hand towel, dish towel or wash cloth depending on dogs paw size.
  • Durable fabric ribbon that can be sewn to the towel.
  • A sewing machine or thread & medium size needle.
  • Scissors.
  • Fabric pins for marking where to sew.


  1. Take the towel and fold in half horizontally. “Hamburger” style not “hotdog” see image.
  2. Find where the center of folded towel is and mark a line with the pins. Pin down line from top to bottom.
  3. Sew where you pinned down and cut off other half (non stitched part).
  4. Take the newly cut & stitched towel and pull it inside out.
  5. Cut your ribbon to size. This will depend on what you plan to hang it on.
  6. Sew ribbon to the open side (non stitched side) of the towel then continue sewing an inch or two below to create a smaller side opening.

You now have a cool paw drying towel mitten!

To clean your dogs paws, pull into the mitten through the top opening first. Then dry off the paw and anything else that may be on there. The mess stays inside and out of sight. You can even make a few of them so when one is in the wash you have another one ready to be used!



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