Dear Murphy: I want to be a good Jedi Puppy!

1124_522161867820873_1844315422_nDear Murphy,
I am struggling. My master says that the Force is strong with me. But, sometimes the Dark Side calls and encourages me to be a bad puppy. Just the other day, I ate my master’s birthday cake off the counter. The Dark Side told me to do it and I listened! It worries my master greatly. How can I make sure to stay true to myself and become the good Jedi Puppy that I am meant to be?

Jedi Puppy

Dear Jedi Puppy,
I have also struggled with the Dark Side (sometimes I still tear apart the toilet paper in my house). But the good side of the Force always returns! Just know that the Force is STRONG within you, and as long as you follow these Yoda principles, you will never succumb to the Dark Side!


  • A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.
  • Finish your training you will.
  • Do. Or do not. There is no try.
  • The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see the future is.
  • Have patience you must.

Bark bark,


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