Featured Article: Top Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Dog. ‘Tis The Season To Spoil Your Pooch!

The holiday season is in full swing, and here at Bark Baby Bark, we can’t get enough of shopping for our furry companions :). This month, we have compiled a list of some of the most paw-some holiday offerings for the picky pup in your life (and for the humans that love them):

1. BarkBox Subscription:

BarkBox is a monthly delivery of 4 to 6 carefully curated and hand picked natural treats and toys. The team at Bark & Co. work hard to design each box to fit your dogs unique needs and likes. If your dog is not a fan of a specific item, you can contact customer service and they will replace any item with something your dog will ‘ruv! The BarkShop also offers premium gift packages for the howlidays.



2. Harry Barker Gift Buckets

Harry Barker, named for former model & founder Carol Perkin’s  beloved pooch, will personalize these delightful, steel gift buckets which you can fill to the brim with a wide selection of eco-friendly toys and all natural treats. What a wonderful way to say ‘I Woof You’!


Personalized Buckets


3. Louis Pet Bed by Restoration Hardware

Your pampered pup might just be willing to relinquish your sleep throne once they cozy up in royal comfort.


Louis Pet Bed


4. PetChatz Camera Greet & Treat

PetChatz is a two way video system, designed to help you interact with your pup or kitty, no matter how far away you are. The system caters to your fur baby’s heightened senses of taste and smell by dispensing treats and even specific scents. This should work well for pets who like to snuggle up in your laundry or stay close when dinner’s cooking.



Pet Chatz Two-way Video Monitor


5. Varsity Ball by Varsity Pets

If your dog tends to tear apart toys in a matter of days, then the Varsity Ball may be the perfect gift for your pooch! The ball is designed to stimulate your dog’s herding instinct and play drive with no human interaction required. 100% guaranteed indestructible or 10% of your money back plus a replacement ball.

Varsity Ball

Varsity Ball


6. Wire Bone Storage by Pottery Barn

Where are you going to put all those toys and accessories that your dog received during the holidays? Why, in this nifty wire storage shelf, of course! Hang this up right by the door and you (or your dog walker) can just pick a toy, grab a leash and head out for some fun!



Wire Bone Storage

7. New York Neighborhood T-Shirts by Bark Baby Bark

If your dog ♥’s NYC, they can show of their neighborhood pride with these fun and stylish polo shirts.  From Battery Park City to Harlem, your dog can bark for their favorite ‘hood without making a sound.

I Bark for Battery Park City T-Shirt for Dogs

‘I Bark for Battery Park City’ T-Shirt for Dogs

Okay, humans; now that we’ve given you some paw-rrific ideas it’s time to make like a Golden and retrieve! Happy Shopping!

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