Get Out Of Town: Dog Mountain – Home of the Stephen Huneck Gallery

Are you and your dog looking for a perfect winter wonderland getaway this holiday season? Dog Mountain in St. Johnsbury, Vermont may be the perfect destination vacation for you and your furry best friend. There are over 150 acres of private mountaintop for your dog to run freely, because, there is no leash law on Dog Mountain. Dogs are praised there! They are free to run, play, swim, and meet other friendly dogs.

Dog Mountain 4

The property originated in 1995, so, you’ll be sure to experience beautifully new modern land. There is a dog chapel and studio space that opened in early 2000, thanks to founder and artist Stephen Huneck’s creative visionary mind. The unspoiled land also includes hiking trails and dog ponds which are a perfect change of pace from the busy city streets. Dog Mountain boasts wildflowers in the summer and snow-shoeing for the winter which makes for a year round friendly vacation. This destination continues to grow more and more popular throughout the years. So you’ll for sure want to check it out! Tourists and residents alike can’t stop raving about how much Dog Mountain means to them and their dogs!

​To learn more about Dog Mountain please visit:




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