Featured Article: Dogs in Fashion


The trend of “styled” dogs dates as far back as the Egyptian pre-dynasty period. During the time of Henry VIII dogs wore silver, gold, velvet & silk decorative collars to represent how many battles the dog had survived.   There is photographic evidence that people have been dressing their dogs in human “costumes” since the 1900’s.  The black-and-white portrait (left), is courtesy of the Library of Congress, is titled “Old Heidelberg.”




Today, it is common for people to dress their dogs, particularly small dogs. Dog fashion has become quite a phenomenon. The canine fashion industry has become a multi-billion dollar business, set to reach over $30 Billion in 2015





0c05905a0e955d7ead1db061cb2b1b43Dog coats, sweaters, booties, shirts, dresses and hats are some of the things people purchase for their dogs. Think about it, people express themselves through fashion. It only makes sense this would carry over into what their dog wears. Just like fashion in humans, you can find all types of clothing and accessories for your pet from couture to practical. Clothing lines such as Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton and Coach have pet divisions.
While fashionable there is also a practical side to pet clothing, especially as we get into the colder months. Depending on a dogs coat, they may be more susceptible to colder weather and wind. Salt is often used for de-icing streets and sidewalks and can be painful on dogs paws, prompting owners to purchase booties and/or shoes for their dog. While practical, we all know it’s really about the cute-ness factor!

Love pet Fashion? Check out these cool sites:












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