Dog of the month: QUINN!

For November’s  “Dog of The Month” we are so excited to feature one of the “Wonder Wheatons” of Bark Baby Bark! Please give a round of applause for…..QUINN!


Happy Birthday Quinn!
We have cared for, loved, trained, and snuggled with Mr. Quinn since he was just a little pup! We have watched him grow up, and we recently celebrated his 1st birthday! Happy Birthday, buddy!

Quinn makes us smile everyday with his super fun personality and endless energy. We love spending time with him and enjoying NYC adventures together.

One of our favorite activities with Quinn (beside playing at the dog park) is to create funny nicknames and puns with his name… winning aka “Quinning” is a house favorite! But most of all, we just love his endless puppy spirit and sweet nature. Everyone knows Quinn at the dog park, and both humans and dogs perk up when they see his wagging tail. Quinn plays really well with all different types of dogs, he’s always in a great mood, he’s a great runner, he follows commands beautifully, and you just can’t help but smile when he’s around. Quinn is a great dog and we are lucky to spend time with him each day.

Congratulations on winning our November “Dog of the month” Quinnifer!

The Bark Baby Bark team



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