Barkworthy: Have a Pet Safe Thanksgiving

If only we could let our pets eat like this on Thanksgiving… #wishfulthinking!  That would not be a good idea. However, it’s good for a laugh. Check out this hillarious video below, as well as our tips for a healthy Thanksgiving meal with your pet! Enjoy! 

Thanksgiving is a time for sharing a delicious meal with our family (and in safe cases, our pets). Pet owners need to educate themselves about some of the harmful holiday foods that can be dangerous. Here is a holiday rundown with everything you need to know (we didn’t realize garlic, onions, bread dough, and turkey skin made the list!)


Now that we covered the bad/dangerous foods above. What are some alternatives?  After all, this is a time for giving thanks and our pets are often at the top of our lists.  Here are a couple of suggestions on how to safely include your dog!

  • Here is a great recipe for a dog friendly holiday meal.
  • Rachel Ray has a recipe for pet-friendly leftovers here.
  • Not really a cook? No problem. Merrick pet food has a delicious grain-free Thanksgiving Dinner for dogs. Check it out!

We hope you and your pets have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!


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