Tricked Out: Teach Your Dog How To Sing Like A Broadway Star

New York, New York. Home to Broadway shows! It is the perfect time of year for teaching your dog how to sing like a Broadway star! Check this video out and learn how to teach your dog to sing!

Sing Like Whitney Houston!

There are three ways you can teach your dog to sing, suggests Alison Smith, author of the book 101 Fun Things to Do With Your Dog: Tricks, Games, Sports and Other Playtime Activities. First, try experimenting with different instruments and types of music. See which one might grab your dog’s attention the most.

Next, train your dog to bark when it hears a noise cue. If your dog naturally barks whenever a cymbal crashes or a horn in a song blows, give the command, “Sing!” and then reward with a treat. The goal is to just reinforce what your dog is naturally doing during precise moments.

Have fun teaching Fido how to sing like a star!



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