Tricked Out: Teach Your Dog How to Fetch the Paper (Or Just About Anything)


Fetching the newspaper is a classic trick to teach your dog and it can extend to so many other chores your pup can help out with around the house! Dogs enjoy having jobs and love to please their pup-rents. Test out these easy to follow steps with your newspaper and then try it with other items around the house (i.e. the remote, keys):

All Things Dog Blog

All Things Dog Blog

  • Start by teaching “Drop It”. Place a tasty treat at your dogs nose so he/she will drop what’s in her mouth to eat the treat. Command “Drop It” the instant she releases the item, and give her 2-3 treats at once.
  • Next, place the newspaper gently into your dog’s mouth and praise them for holding it even if only for 1 second. Label the task (command) “Pick It Up”.  Don’t offer treats during this training because they’ll have to drop the paper to eat the treat.
  • Now, place the paper on the ground 1 foot away and command “pick it up”. When your dog begins to respond reliably, work up to a further distance. Finally, place the paper where it will normally be (i.e., at the front door).  Guide your dog on leash, if necessary, the first few times. Remember the more excited you are the more she’ll want to please you.

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