Get Outta Town: Canine Camp Getaway for You and Your Dog!

Let’s face it; It’s not really a family vacation if you can’t bring your fur baby with you. There are many places around the country that offer accommodations and activities that your dog can participate in, but wouldn’t it be nice to vacation somewhere that was specifically designed for both dog and human fun? Canine Camp Getaway offers a spa meets dog camp experience that humans can enjoy with their furry family member.

Camp Canine Getaway

Camp Canine Getaway

Located near Lake George, in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains, Canine Camp Getaway is a great place to have a fun, relaxing and educational experience with your pup.

Activities Include:

Agility Games             K9 Nose Work
Ask the Vet                 Obedience Classes
Ask the Trainer           Scent Detection
Barks and Crafts        Loose Leash Walking
Canine CPR                Swimming Lessons
DOGA (Dog Yoga)
Fitness Evaluations for Your Dog
Guided Hikes
Horseback Riding

Space is still available for the next session, September18-21!

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