Dear Murphy: How can I become a therapy dog?

Dear Murphy,sidebar_overview_pic1
I am one of those dogs that everyone gets along with. You’d like me! I am sweet natured and loving. I am submissive and I love pleasing everyone. It makes me happy when I make people smile and when I help them feel better.
I want to do more with my nice temperament. I have heard of therapy dogs and I want to figure out how to become one! Can you help?

Little Miss Sunshine


Dear Little Miss Sunshine,
You sound amazing! Yes! There are many ways you can become a certified therapy dog, and fortunately there are several organizations to choose from. We chose to highlight The Good Dog Foundation in this article. They are based right here in NYC and they have been around since 1998! Their sole mission is to use animal-assisted therapy to help people that are suffering.
The Good Dog Foundation is also the largest animal-assisted therapy organization on the East Coast. I bet you would enjoy a partnership with them. Plus, they invest in certifying their dog teams, not just registering them (there is a big difference and you can learn more on their website at
I think you should reach out to them and learn how to get started. Good luck and thanks for reaching out about such an important topic!
Bark bark,



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