Barkworthy: Beyond Breed – Supporting the bond between people and pets.

We all know people have a special bond with their pets. Our pets are more than just animals; they are members of our family, the ones we turn to for comfort in good times and bad.

This month we are excited to highlight an organization that supports this bond, between people and pets. Beyond Breed is a volunteer based, non-profit organization in Brooklyn, believing no matter what the circumstances, everyone should be able to enjoy the special love of a pet.


Beyond Breed accomplishes this through 3 programs:

Ruff Riders – Supports Brooklyn pet owners who need help accessing veterinary care, pet food, and other pet-related resources due to income, age, disability, or other barriers.

Education – Offering educational seminars, research, and consulting services to help organizations support the bond between people and pets in their own communities.

Dogs of New York – A social media/photography project that celebrates the bond between New York City pet owners and their dogs

How can you help?

You can help by making a financial contribution here.

Sending an item from their “wish list” here.

Volunteering your time.  More information here.



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