Featured Article: The Dog Care Industry Is Booming!

More Americans have dogs today than ever before! Dogs have become part of the family. The American Pet Products Association Inc., reports that over 83 million households in the US have dogs!

Gone are the days where dogs would sit home alone all day while their owners were at work; or be shipped off to Grandma’s house in the country when their owners go on vacation. Never mind Fido being thrown in the bathtub or hosed down after playing in the dog park. Dogs get their hair done. They have play dates with their friends at the park, go out for long walks and in some cases have sleepovers in fancy dog-only hotels!

They eat homemade, healthy organic treats and maintain healthy diets. Owners seek pet friendly hotels to stay in so they can travel with their dogs or seek local restaurants to bring Fido to while having Sunday brunch. Fashion designers create high-end apparel for dogs of all shapes and sizes. There are even dog-only chauffeur services in major cities around the US, New York being one of them. Not only are dogs part of the family, they have changed the lifestyles of many Americans.

As disposable incomes rise in many households, dog owners are indulging in high end dog care services to meet their busy lives. According to The American Pet Products Association, analysts estimate that US households will spend over $60 billion in dog care services in 2015; up from $17 billion in 1994! Specialty dog care services such as obedience training, dog walking, pet sitting and adventure trips are on the rise and are expected to climb 4% every year until 2018.

Fido is pretty excited about these statistics! Pamper on!


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