Dear Murphy: Super Dog

Dear Murphy,

My dog is fine when we are out for our walk, but once we get near the dog park he turns into “super dog” and tries to pull me inside! He gets great exercise when we visit the park, but sometimes I don’t want to go inside or don’t have the time. I feel bad having to drag him away. What can I do?

Dog Wrangler








Dear Dog Wrangler,

We know what you are going through! Some of our dogs just can’t wait to get in the park to see all their friends or play fetch 🙂 We also understand how you feel when your dog stops and gives you that “If you loved me you’d bring to the park” look.

Below are some helpful tips to correct this behavior:

1. Don’t always go straight to the park when you take your dog out, switch it up! Integrating walks will show him a whole new side to your neighborhood and all the fun places he can sniff and smell.

2. Bring play everywhere! Bring a tennis ball or a squeaky and let him carry it around as you walk. You can even jog after a toy on leash so he can see that the park is not the only “fun zone.”

3. Choose a particularly delicious coveted treat and every time you walk past the park (without incident) reward with said treat.

4. Bring him into the park, then leave, and then come back with him a few minutes later (so he knows the park is still there) and he can always come back for more!

We hope these tips helped and The BBB Team will always help reinforce any training you are trying to implement :).

Bark bark,


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