Barkworthy: Worth Street Veterinary Center


We are thrilled to feature Worth Street Veterinary Center in our Barkworthy article this month! As a high-end dog care company, Bark Baby Bark strives to provide the very best recommendations for our clients, and we are lucky to have a state of the art veterinary practice within walking distance of our service area.

We have referred several clients to Worth Street because we feel that they are different. First, the facility is gorgeous! It’s spotless, airy, and designed by a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified architectural firm to be highly energy efficient. When you arrive inside the lobby, it feels more like a spa or fancy health club than a veterinary hospital. Second, the staff at the front desk is wonderful and nice! We all know that a cranky receptionist can make or break your experience (no matter where you are). The front desk is inviting and it’s obvious that they truly care about you and your pet. Last and most importantly, the veterinarians at Worth Street are amazing (Dr.DiPolo, Dr. Popkowski, and Dr. Block).

We had the pleasure of interviewing Dr.DiPolo. He has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 15 years and has treated several Bark Baby Bark clients. He is also the primary vet for Murphy (the Chief Barketing Officer at Bark Baby Bark). Dr. DiPolo has a very calm and friendly vibe about him. We also got the impression that he is very practical and doesn’t seem to push excessive procedures or medications like other vets. He wants to do what is right, not what is more expensive. All of that said, we still had questions to ask!

Bark Baby Bark:Why did you become a vet?”

Dr. Francisco DiPolo:As with most veterinarians, I was attracted early on to the idea of helping animals with their health. It was not until I became a fully fledged veterinarian that I had a clear understanding of the role we play at different levels of the human-animal bond. With each passing year I feel increasingly fortunate to have the opportunity to make a difference in the life of our pets and clients.”

Bark Baby Bark:What sets Worth Street Veterinary Center apart from other animal hospitals?”

Dr. Francisco DiPolo: “Aside from the highest standards of medical care which have awarded us AAHA accreditation annually since 2011, we have a strong inclination toward integrative medicine. Furthermore, we foster a practice culture in which our team feels fortunate to participate in the care of our clients’ pets. Combining these factors, we are able to continuously produce a great client-service experience.”

Bark Baby Bark: “What do you think some of the biggest challenges are in the veterinary field today?”

Dr. Francisco DiPolo:  “The veterinary profession will always have some kind of scientific challenge ahead of it. However, I believe that at the core of it, and independently of the times, it would be ideal to have the academic institutions educate their students so that graduates can push the technological barriers without losing touch with the core of our roll: creating strong, emphatic relations that can offer clients peace of mind while taking care of their pets.”

Many thanks to Dr. DiPolo for taking the time to speak with us (he is very busy!) To learn more about Worth Street Veterinary Center, please visit their blog or just go there! We give them a gold star and that’s why they are officially BARKWORTHY!

Worth Street Vet


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