DIY Destination: Floral Collar Wrap

Looking to jazz up your dog’s collar for Spring? Try out this DIY project and add a cute little floral arrangement to your dog’s collar. It’s super cute and will brighten any passerby’s day!

To see a complete step by step guide go to:

Materials needed:

  • Assortment of different colored felt sheets
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Velcro square with sticky backs


To make a blossom:

  1. Cut four circles out of sheet of felt – all must be the same size. The guide used 2.5 inch circles but you can decided how large or small you want your flower to be.
  2. Place a strip of hot glue down the middle of your first circle and fold it in half. Make sure to press firmly to secure.
  3. When firmly folded – place another line of hot glue and fold the piece in half and repeat once more for a third time.
  4. You will have a small cone shaped ruffle. Repeat these steps with your remaining circles until you have four cone shaped ruffles.
  5. Glue all these pieces together in a cluster with the seams facing inwards.

To make a rose:

DiyCraft-Floralcollar_body2 (1)

  1. Cut a circle out of a felt sheet. The sizes depend on the size you want. The guide made 2.5, 3.5 and 5-inch circles.
  2. Cut a spiral starting from the outer edges of the circle.
  3. When you have your spiral, start from the inside and begin to wrap around the bud.
  4. Use the hot glue gun and glue the end of the wrap to secure the flower.


Assembly tutorial:DiyCraft-Floralcollar_body3 (2)

  1. Now that you have your flowers completed, combine them into the arrangements you want and secure with hot glue. Add a few small leafs cut from felt to finalize.
  2. For the strap: measure how much felt will be needed to encircle your dog’s collar. Make sure add additional length to allow for overlap. Cut a strip of felt this length and at about 1 to 2 inches wide.
  3. Secure the arrangement to the center of the felt strap using hot glue.
  4. Place the velcro square on opposite ends. (One will be on the front side at the top and the other will be at the backside on the bottom).
  5. Wrap about your dog’s favorite collar and admire! 🙂

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