Barkworthy: De-Winter your dog at Le Pet Spa in Battery Park City!

169136d277b29f765b693488ec942a32It’s been a tough winter season to say the least! Your dog has trudged through tons of snow, navigated excessively salted sidewalks (say that three times fast), and braved strong winds with freezing temperatures! After surviving this winter, we think they deserve a little spring cleanup! So we have dedicated our Barkworthy post to just that!

We had the pleasure of speaking with
Bobby Concister, former owner of Le Pet Spa in Battery Park City, NY. Bobby owned Le Pet Spa for 23 years (he is now a consultant for them) and provided us with some great tips for the spring (and dare we say summer) season? Ok, we’ll try not to get THAT ahead of ourselves, it still snowing out after all.

“When most dogs come into the spa during the early spring months, they have very dry skin, dry hair/fur, matts from winter clothing, and their paws are chapped from salt.”  Bobby explained that Le Pet Spa recommends tackling these issues from the inside first, not just cosmetically. He recommends adding a fish oil supplement, salmon oil, or omega 3 tablets or liquid to your dogs food. This diet change can work wonders for hair and skin after a few weeks. Obviously you should consult with your vet about diet changes too!

So now that we’ve handled the inside fixes, you are probably wondering what outside grooming tips can help un-winter our dogs. First- a good haircut and grooming session to get rid of winter crud. We know that taking your dog to the groomer may not be their favorite thing to do, but Le Pet Spa prides themselves on being patient, loving, and diligent with your pet during their treatment. They only hire groomers that are true animal lovers, “our groomers do not rush the service and they take the animal’s experience very seriously. If the session takes longer because a dog is nervous and we need to make them feel more comfortable, than we will do that. Sometimes we stop and just hold them in our laps until they feel better.”

As if the adorable staff wasn’t enough, Le Pet Spa uses all natural products like CloudStar and VetsChoice to groom your dog and they recommend a conditioning hot oil treatment to help invigorate the skin & coat after a tough winter season! That sounds lovely!

So now that we have helped our dog leave winter behind from the inside out, we asked Bobby for some helpful tips for when the weather finally does warm up! One recommendation that may surprise some readers is doggie sunscreen! “Dog owners should apply sunscreen on bare spots like ears, butts (yup), and paws. If your dog has a short haircut, you can apply it directly to the hair and it will absorb into the skin.” What a great tip! It also goes without saying that you should avoid leaving your dog in the sun for extended periods of time.

Another hot topic when spring rolls around…allergies! Many of our furry friends begin to itch and lick areas that are bothering them. Bobby recommends a topical “hot-spot” reliever as well as talking with your vet about potential environmental triggers for your dog.

I guess all we need is for spring to actually arrive! We hope you enjoyed our Barkworthy article and we’d like to thank Bobby Concister for his informative tips and advice. Le Pet Spa is now owned by
Phil Castigli and you can visit their website at for more information.


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