DIY Destination: Make A Dog Treat Puzzle From Stuff Around the House

Dogs can get bored really fast, especially puppies. Keeping them entertained can mean big bucks spent on the latest toys and games. In this post, we highlight cost efficient ways to keep your dog’s interest far away from those beautiful shoes you just bought at Bloomies :).
Introducing… The Treat Puzzle! Treat Puzzles are a great way to keep your dog busy (and it is a neat trick to help slow down their eating if you use their food).
Here’s how to make your own dog food puzzle:

– Muffin Pan
– Tennis Balls
– Kibble

1. Distribute treats or your pups meal allotment in the muffin trays.
2. Put a tennis ball (or any dog safe toy) in each tray to cover the treat. Make sure the tray isn’t too deep so that they can eventually get to the reward.
3. Watch them learn to remove the ball to eat their treat/food. It slows them down while making them use their brain!


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